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Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

It is time to ignore our few leftist bigots.  This deranged misfit would only have chosen another weapon, which makes it absolutely undeniable that he was himself a leftist therefore unforgivably violent.

If he had torched the theater and caused death that way, should we make it a capital offense to own or use gasoline?  That is the only choice that leftists give us.

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Bill Compton Thinks this answer is Helpful:

This tragic event -- a mass shooting in a crowded theater -- was a violent crime worthy of the death penalty.  Obviously, the lunatic who committed this heinous act had lost all respect for law or decency in any form.  Making more draconian laws to prevent actions that lawbreakers will only break makes no sense whatsoever.


However, it shows that leftists are truly misguided in their sheer naivete': all acts of violence require the breaking of a law therefore laws preventing lawbreakers to do their evils will not stop them. 


A soft and disarmed public makes an irresistible target, though.  Our leftists don't seem to think about that.

Anonymous Comment

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Bob Suffolk

It is indeed time to ignore furious leftists.  These people live only on hate and cannot ever understand anything better.  


Leftits all chose to live on hate because they got in with leftists who spend most of their lives chanting hate.  What little time they are not chanting bloody hate and violence they are asleep, stoned out of their minds on illegal drugs, supplied by other sleazy leftist liberals.


That is the reason we have violence: leftists who chant hate slogans, vandalize, rape, lie, steal, and murder.  It is their profession, overpaid under the table by the Obama administration through illegal kickbacks to corrupt foreign corporations.


Leftisats are all perfectly willing to murder the unborn and call that "abortion rights" but when it comes tome to execute serial murderers who got their violent tendencies by listening to the madness of leftist liberals, then that is wrong.


All leftist liberals are violent bny definoition.  That is why threy trash your car and break your windows in the name of Obama and then screeam that you who work for a living wage are evil and must be destroyed in a death camp to please Obama.


It is always just that simple.  Leftists made it so.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike today alone you have posted under Terrance Hall, Dave Palmer, Anonymous and now Bill. It is still early for you so we are in store for hours and hours of your aliases repeating the same crap over and over. Rocmike has now switched back to Dave Palmer, back to Bill and is now posting under Bob Suffolk. This gas easily been a 16 hour posting day. GET A LIFE. 

Wilbur Tanner Thinks this answer is Helpful:

The lesson of Kinnesaw Georgia makes the case airtight.  They REQUIRED every household to be armed, except persons with a criminal record, fugitives, conscientious objectors, and mental defectives.  That should render Tadpole ineligible to keep and bear arms.


The direct result was that crime of EVERY sort hit an all-time low and has stayed there since 1982 -- the date of enactment.  The greater effect is that ALL of Georgia has seen a reduction in crime -- because more people are armed.  There is absolutely no possible way to miss that direct correlation as history has proved undeniably. 


So much for leftists and their misguided beliefs that guns cause violence.  The only ones who deliberately and habitually cause violent crime are leftists.  Remove all leftists entirely from society and all crime will cease.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot so far has 7 hours of posting under its alias Wilber Tanner, over an hour of posting under its alias Bob Suffolk and over 3 hours of posting under its alias Bill who is still posting. All repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers no one has been on in a long time. GET A LIFE.

Anonymous Comment

Noone ever implied that leftists had sense.  All we need to know about them appears in The Gulag Archipelago.  Even that passed the Soviet censors because there is only so much that leftists can deny. 


Interesting that leftists always bury witnesses against them . . . sometimes alive.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot you can not tell the difference from your anonymous alias then you can from the rest of your aliases. You are too stupid to understand they all post the same.

Anonymous Comment

Michael MacGilvray is another Rocmike aka American Patriot alias. GIVE IT A BREAK

Stanley Pembroke Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Indeed the choice of weapon is secondary except in the case of politically motivared Red Herring attacks.  These attacks are always political in nature and timed to coincide with elections.


Hitler had his men inject 335 Jews abducted from the Berlin Ghetto with a number of exceptionally nasty drugs, glued guns into their hands, and had them dumped across the Czech border.


The Jews staggered around, ripped their flesh loose in an effort to rid themselves of the guns, and fell dead after begging the locals for help.  Then the SS opened fire on the Czech civilians. 


The report in Der Sturmer was that, "Armed Jews savagely attacked our Czech neighbors in a brutal reprisal for allegedly not worshiping their Jewish gods . . .."


Two girls and one boy lived to tell the tale to Red Cross volunteers.  The corpses revealed the hideous high doses of a witch's brew of psychoactive agents in the dead men and forensic analysis revealed that all the bullets came from the same direction and the same five guns.


Obvuously, Obama thought a re-enactment of that brutal stunt would help him win the election.


He is mistaken.

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