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Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

I would revoke all gun laws which prevent law-abiding citizens from having the best firearms immediately available in the world to help combat cretinous, non law-abiding citizens or foreigners. A loaded firearm by itself, cannot kill or injure a person until an outside force acts with/upon it.

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Anonymous Comment

Are we about to be introduced to another Rocmike alias? Time will tell.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Note that anti-gun laws are unconstitutional as well as unwise.  The Second Amendment appoints all citizens as the Militia, regulated by their neighbors also being armed. 


Note that only US Citizens qualify as the Militia.  Then and now America had foreigners on our shores whose lack of civilization made it necessary for Americans to defend themselves.  American-born outlaws were to be controlled by the same equivalence of force.


Our leftists have failed to rewalize that they are ALWAYS wrong, in their efforts to persecute law abiding citizens by leaving them completely defenselesas before armed criminals.


Were you also aware that it is illegal for some model citizens to take martial arts training, but criminals may become as ferocious as they like?  In Texas, any person who has suffered a violent assault is forbidden to own weapons, not for fear that he would seek revenge, but because of crime victims compensation.


It is much cheaper to bury a crime victim who suffers a second assault than to allow her to defend her life and her family.


Thanks a heap, leftists.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Demartus, allow me to introduce you to our resident crank, dfrogpong.  She calls every sensible person Rocmike3, hoping to act out the part of the perfect hatemonger, and get us all to take sides with her against all rational persons.


dfrogpong is also notorious for spreading racism, demands for suicide bomb attacks, support for thoroughly corrupt leftist politicians, and anything else that is just plain rotten.


She has been plaguing me for the last two years with claims that I am the late Rocmike3, as though he were some sort of villain -- in her words, "extremist right wing teabagger fascist bigot liar nutcase wackaloon . . ." etc.


The reason why dfrogpong always posts anonymously is that she is terrified to speak that sort of villainy under her actual name, although she slips back into her old habits now and then when she "changes personality."


It is usually best to ignore leftist nut jobs like dfrrogpong, under any of her 200 screen names.

MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Demartus, read my answer a few pages down the list concerning a National Militia.  I believe we have a serious enough situation to take much more direct action, as we consider the obnoxious ways of our beloved leftists.


Weapons in the hands of untrained persons are neither effective in a situation requiring force, nor will they be used with the proper discipline.  Dedicating one weekend every month for a year to training, and one night on-call per week to duty, would be reasonable national service.


If nothing else it will give us a restored sense of national unity and participation.  Those who simply do not wish to take part will not be forced to, but neither will they reap the benefits that those who take part will enjoy.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike you need help and a life. You have posted 4 hours under Bill, 2 hours under Bob  Suffolk, 1 hour under Bernard McCaunaghy, 3 hours under Renner who's still posting and hours under anonymous. Watch TV, take a walk, GET SOME SLEEP.

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