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Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

No! No new gun control laws! Insane person control laws are needed! All these nuts gave warning signs that they were not right in the head and were about to do bad things and should have been reported before they snapped. They could have been forcefully and immediatly removed from the general population, evaluated and either treated or released with supervision. All the gun control laws do is make sure law abiding citizens are easy targets for the criminals. The cities with the strongest gun control laws are the worst for gun violence, because the bad guys know the odds of their intended victims shooting back are slim and that just emboldens the criminals!

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Terrance Hall Thinks this answer is Helpful:

There are a few choice leftists I could cheerfully slam into a mental home and throw away the key.  Leftists have to be the most ignorant fools on the planet.  About the only thing these people ever did was think up excuses for being purposely stupid and lie about everyone who has the sense to defend himself.


Some folks just don't rate anything better than that.

David Palmer Jr. Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Allow me to concur, Terrance!  My years at Juliard convinced me that leftists were the least creative followers that existed and had less talent than grapefruits had. 


I played with two Gospel Rock bands for nine years before I got my dream shot as Minister of Music.  One would think that Gospel musicians would live at peace.  We don't frequent bars or rough places but in our travels through the Northeast we had four incidents where we had to defend our lives. 


All four incidents involved leftists who thought we had huge bags of money hidden in the bus, when in fact we barely had enough to make expenses and in many cases played gratis. 


We would have died martyrs but our wives would have died with us to these criminals and their craven greed.

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Rocmike what is wrong? I have only seen 7 hours of posting under your aliases Terrance Hall, Renner, Anonymous and Dave Palmer. Dave Palmer is still posting and can make up for some lost time of repeating the same crap over and over.

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