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Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

Military assault weapons are duh...... for the military?  Only imbeciles and fascists would think otherwise.  I am a firearms owner, an N.R.A. Certified Safety Instructor, and a Second Amendment advocate.  Should we really entrust the lives of our kids to the whims of "freak-a-zoid" losers with $400.00 and some sick obsession to kill a lot of people?   Yes, we need to change the laws, but in a reasonable way, protrcting citizens' rights to own firearms, yst shielding us from the mentally unstable.   It's a balancing act of the rights of all of us.  Hunters do NOT rerquire 30 rounds in a banana magazine.  America has gone crazy, letting zealots dictate policy.  Unfortunately, common sense doesn't appear to be common, anymore. 

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I got in trouble when I was fifteen.  My mom was "entertaining" two guys in the apartment when they got a little too hot under the collar and started whipping on her instead of just screwing. 


She screamed for help and I came out with my baseball bat.  I bruised one guy real bad and busted the other guy in the leg.  She took off into the night and I called the ambulance to deal with these two.  I ain't seen her since.


Instead of getting a pat on the head for defending my mom I got busted for felony assault 1 and sent to a boys home in Chino.  Assault 1.  I never got convicted but I got charged.  That is enough to put me out of voting rights and gun rights for life, no questions asked or my side listened to.


So, I went to school for heavy equipment.  It worked out okay.  Then 35 years later some guy stoned on methedrine walks into my house with a knife and stabs me 20 times. 


Linda had a pistol and shot out his legs.  The cops came and wanted to arrest her for having a gun.  They tore the place apart looking for guns and ain't paid a nickel to fix the dry wall they ripped out.  They hauled me to the hospital barely alive and 11 days later I am back home, barely able to shuffle and getting the third degree from the cops about other guns in the house.  Good thing I had Blue Cross.  Other wise I would have had to pay my medical bill out of pocket. 


They put the stabber away for 10 years for attempted murder.  They wanted to put me away for 20 years for having a gun in the house. 


Finally I got to talk to the Sheriff.  He looked into it and told his guys to lay off me and my wife, cause she was in the right do do what she done. 


Finally the cops told me the judge put them to hassling us that way, cause he was a left wing liberal and hated gun owners enough to crucify them no questions asked.  All judges are that way or the press will roast them.  Talk about hateful.


So, the Sheriff clues me in.  I can buy weapons from private sellers to defend my life but the next time I defend any body here I will look at a long prison sentence just for doing what a family man should do.  That is how leftists are, man.


There is an abortion clinic close to here and they pitch un born babies in the trash ten or fifteen every day and laugh about it.  Leftists always want to let serial killers go to kill again and again cause that is what all leftists are like.  But if I defend my wife and kids from a stabber then I am evil and have to be destroyed like a rabid dog.


Just that simple.


Thanks a heap leftists.  They are all that way.

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Rocmike another sad lonely day and night in your life. Same routine every day. So far I have seen 2 hours of posting under your alias Dave Palmer, 5 hours of posting under Bill, 5 hours of posting under Harley spirit with some anonymous posts thrown in.. All repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. Get some sleep so you can spend another day and night doing it all over again. Did you choose your aliases yet? GET A LIFE.

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