Discuss stressed's answer to: Is it time to change our Gun Control regulations?

Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

dfrogpong has been onine
How many hrs 2 day?
Always screaming hate,
Always 100% racist.

Always says the same nonsense.
Proves leftists R all the same.
Sides w/ Dems cause they R racist.
I wonder if she knows how stupid she is?

She makes Obama look stupid
for not pitching her out of their party.
Some 1 else would be just as bad.
I guess they R all that crazy.

Leftists drive ppl to grudges. What good is there in that? Elections here are over. Fix up what Obama ruined.
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Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Stressed, don't sweat Tadpole.  She makes lots of racist threats like all Dems do but that is no reason to believe 'em.


Hey, ain't one word Obatso ever said yet that checked out.  If Obatso is that sort of lying flake, then so are all the morons, liars, racists, and child molesters that support him.


It don't get any clearer than that!

Anonymous Comment

After over 16 hours of posting yesterday Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting Marathon off with Lady Aban. We are in store for hours and hours of alias after alias repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers. There has been some anonymous posts also. Lady Aban started posting at 5.00 pm est.Rocmike aka American patriot is posting under anonymous now. It is too stupid to understand that no matter what alias it uses they all post exactly the same. Now it has switched back to Lady Aban. Now it is posting under American Patriot. Then it went to  Renner and ended it with Stressed.  A 12 hour posting day. It has posted over 28 hours out of the last 38 hours. One exciting life it has. HARLEY SPIRIT HAS JUST CAME ON.HARLEY SPIRIT HAS OVER 2 HOURS IN AND STILL GOING STRONG. IT IS 7.15 AM EST.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon off at 6.00 pm est with Renner, anonymous, Greg Wilson, Dave Palmer, Melvin and Stressed who is still posting at 7.00 am est. We have had hours and hours alias after alias of this idiot repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers.


Tadpole still screaming fear.
Typical non-vets all do.
Pity they R all such cowards.
Didn't have 2 be so stupid.

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