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Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

we can't control what others do, but yet we try anyway and some times it works. the president wants to change our constitutional rights to bare arms if he is reelected. or was this a fluke accident. we don't know! everday someone or something gets to us and if you don't know how to properly control yourself accidents like this will continue to happen. we cannot control everthing in life so the government needs to stop trying. "we the people" have rights it's what our forefathers has set up in documentation. we should have the right to bare arms to protect ourselves in our homes and cars from those whom to be a threat ie... terroist since they are allowed to come to america, or those whom want to cause harm. I believe our government needs to wise up and stop trying to get that next electorial vote so they can be in office. It's time to hammer down and ask the right questions and if they cannot answer then "we the people" need to not choose that person and vote none of the above. we are the ones whom control our destiny and we are failing. I also believe that schools need to add to their adjendas on learning how to cope and once a week pick a different title and go through the steps. no i'm not a medical doctor or a politician. i'm just an average joe whom trys to do what's right everday. it's our responsibility to take care of each other. i have been to so many different countries and have seen how they live and treat each other, let me tell you from experience you "the people" don't know three fourths of what goes on in those countries. so again my answer is "yes" we should have the right to bare arms.

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MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC Thinks this answer is Helpful:

There is no question whatsoever that leftist liberals cannot reason at all.  They above all know that they are always absolutely wrong.  Leftists are far too bitter and neurotic to correct themselves.


That is why they demand to strip the victims of violent crime from all means possible to defend themselves.  That empowers club weilding gangsters and Obama's occupiers, but it leaves you helpless in the face of violent crime. 


It is only a matter of time until you meet someone with designs on your life, your family, your virginity, and your possessions.  It is just that simple and just that obvious. 


Leftists have all been brainwashed and hope to be 100% evil, because that way, if you have suffered irreparable and repetitive harm due to violent crime, then they can make a deal with the local godfather to line their pockets with his money at your expense.


What price must we all pay for left wing liberals to get out of work? 


That is how much leftist liberals hate you.


Remember that at the polls.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike another long lonely day and night of blogging. What a sad pathetic life you have. At least you have your aliases to keep you company.

Bill Compton Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Indeed I shall rewmember the misconduct of leftists at the polls.  The intense and deranged leftist spew they commit with their incessant calls to violence make it very clear that leftist liberals are to be controlled -- by force if needs be -- but under NO conditions heeded.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike another long lonely day and night of posting under different aliases going to old questions and answers and repeating the same over and over. So far I have seen your aliases Southern, Mike Dudley, Bill, Renner and Anonymous. GET A LIFE

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