Discuss Warren B's answer to: Is it time to change our Gun Control regulations?

Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

No it will not do much good anyway, and I do beleave we have a right to carry if more people had a gun more people might think twice before shooting someone because they will not know who can shot them. I do beleave in an eye for an eye 

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Joyce Peller Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Head out into Fairbanks sometime and you will see moose on every street.  Juneau has moose and caribou.  That is why people are always packing there.  Juneau has an open carry ordinance. 


Carry a blank under your first cyninder and the rest full power loads.  That way when Bullwinkle swings his antlers and stomps menacingly, you can give him a blank that tells him you can take care of yourself and you mean business.


If Bullwinkle gets the hint that you are afraid it will cause him to charge because nothing in nature can abide a coward.  That noisy blank will startle him and then he will head back out the way he came, but you had best aim "for the goodies" on your next shot.


If that lunatic in Aurora had been up here he'd have never tried to shoot anyone, because here, people think nothing of packing a sidearm.  It is as normal as your parka and bunny boots.


Alaska is 96% wild woods and open muskeg.  Most people live out in the bush and work there.  If we have to go into town it's once in a blue moon, so we go in like we were out in the bush.


Maybe if you lowers were a little braver you wouldn't do the silly things that you do.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot GET HELP. You started out your posting marathon With 1 hour of posting under your alias Bernard McCaunaghy, 8 hours under Dave Palmer, 4 hours under Joyce Peller, dfrogpong and many anonymous posts. That is well over 15 straight with your anonymous posts of hours all repeating the same thing over and over and going to old questions and answers no one has been on in a long time. GET A LIFE.


In the states people are tought a lot better than that Pellar. Moose are a lot more dangerous when they have off spring and are protective of them.  Thats when you want to stay on guard and not provoke them in any way while as a norm moose attacks are rare here.


A lot of it has to do with the environment, moose just aren't as used to people where you are as they are here.

Anonymous Comment

Peller knows no more about Alaska or moose then it does when it pretends to be other things under its many aliases. It only knows what it has read when it googles. The problem is it doesn't have the intelligence to understand what it reads.


She says shoot them in the goodies. I wonder what part of the moose that is they put in their caserole. They don't get the sun for six months she kind of sounds like a pervert.

Anonymous Comment

It should keep the moose brain then it would have one.


I think she knows it would just bounce off the head with a pistol - It sounds like she doesn't have a heart either.

Bob Suffolk Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Warren, I agree.  It is not difficult for criminals to make zip guns in prison and these improvised weapons are lethal at 200 meters at least. 


It only costs a dollar per shot for the match heads to use as propellant, and all else can be easily enough scrounged from any rusty old scrap heap.  Our leftists never seem to think about that but that is what they get for only thinking "inside the box" like leftist morons.  No wonder they are always utterly stupid.


Excellent post, Joyce.  You live there and know from where you speak.  Leftists can only mimic the lies of other leftists resulting in obvious stupidity.  That makes your posts timely and interesting while our token leftist of 200+ screen names only preaches leftist ignorance and hate.


Tadpole, posting anonymously and as her deranged pseudonym Edicous, brings absolutely no correct or verifiable information: only leftist racism and bitterness -- that if not laughed at would result in cult vilolence.


Warren and Joyce speak the truth but Tadpole can only go around racist hatemongering in the name of a deranged leftist moron named Obama.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot, are you exhausted from your 15 hour posting marathon yesterday? I doubt that you do that on a daily bases. I have only seen 1 post from your alias Dave Palmer but you are going strong right now under your alias Bob Suffolk. GET HELP AND A LIFE.i


She sounds more like a womb nazi. I thought just men were that but from the way she sounds some women are that way too.

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