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Shooting spree at Batman Aurora premier Would a different gun control or security policy prevent this horrible theater massacre? What do you think about the current gun control regulations? ...

I would like to see a ban on crime.

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David Palmer Jr.

I think we already have one: it is called Criminal Law and has been the backbone of America since 1776.  If you will notice, banning crime cannot stop it, therefore the mechanism that DOES stop it is the armed citizen. 


Notice also that there is no such thing as effective police work: by the time a criminal has struck, and the police have arrived, the criminal is long gone leaving behind a wake of corpses and wreckage. 


Police have always been impotent to control violence.  The only timely possibility is the armed citizen with immediate access to his weapons.  So much for leftists and their blunders with your life.


3/4 of the violent crime in America is based in poverty.  Remedy that and we remedy 75% of the crime.  Obama's misguided leftist liberal nonsense has so severely aggravated our poverty and resultant violence that we have no option but to take up arms and defend ourselves.


That may not sit well with brainwashed leftists but since no leftist has ever been correct about anything, there is no cause to think that they will ever improve.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike aka American Patriot I see that your aliases are using the word leftists in every post instead of Atheists.

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