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How can i tighten already "lipo" skin that i gained some weight and then lost again?

i ndonrocks@rock.comhad plastic surgery (full body lipo that after a year i looked amazing , flat tummy i excercised everyday and had almost a six pack ..then i stopped for a bit and gained some weight ..then lost it again and started back in the gym, noticing that i have loose skin in that area where i had lipo ..how can i tighten that skin back up again for a flat tummy??      


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If the skin is stretched, it may not return to its normal elasticity - you may require a surgical procedure to tighten up the skin. You could try exercising to build up your stomach muscles, but exercising will tighten your muscles, not your skin. It certainly doesn't hurt to try the exercise though, it's low cost with a lot of benefits...



but a procedure doesn't always have to surgical...try non-surgical laser liposuction , or high def lipo, or body-jet lipo for those nagging pockets of fat.



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Since you have already had the surgical lipo, having another lipo does not make any sense even if it's a non-surgical one. In this case, the non-surgical fractional laser skin tightening could be a better option.

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