Why does Tigger Woods continue losing PGA Tour golf events? He used to be very good and win some every year.

Why does Tigger Woods continue losing PGA Tour golf events?  He used to be very good and win some every year.

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His mind has changed, it really affects things when you can't concentrate and he is doing basics differently that's why he has a coach, to watch him, spot things and work on them. Maybe his heart isn't really in it anymore that his dad is gone.

DJ, When you do harm to another person as Tiger did to his wife, Erin, then God has his way of punishing you through your mind. That's exactly why Mr. elrod woods is not winning and possibly may only win 1 or 2 insignificant tournaments. He is NOT A ROLL MODEL TO FOLLOW! It's better to be humble and kind and have lots of friends than to be like elrod woods. NO ONE CAN RESPECT THIS TYPE OF PERSON! Can he change? That's between him and God!

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