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How to prune a Rhus Sumac Tiger Eye tree

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Tiger eye sumac is a horticultural variety of staghorn sumac which has deeply lobed and serrated fern-like leaves, unlike the normal plant which is slightly plainer looking (but still very beautiful).

This plant tends to be healthy and require little care, although it tends to be slightly less robust than the original wild plant.  There are many ways to successfully prune this tree.  Some thoughts:

1. This tree does not require any pruning.  If you like the way it is growing, leave it alone.

2. Sumac naturally grows with multiple trunks.  If you want it to grow with a single trunk, you will need to repeatedly prune back all but the main branches.  This may require continual work as the plant often naturally wants to grow with multiple trunks.  The more sunlight reaching the base of the plant, the more likely it will want to grow multiple trunks.

3. Sumac in general tends to be very resilient to pruning.  It is hard to over-prune this species.  If it's getting big, just cut it back.  However, be warned, this variety is a little bit less resilient than its natural, wild form, so if you're used to the wild staghorn sumac (which can be repeatedly cut back to the ground and regrow fully and quickly) you might want to go a bit gentle on this one.

Good luck!

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Thanks Alex,your info was helpful. I have another question about how fast does one grow. The one I just bought is about 2 ft. tall

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