Sounds to me like you've been watching Anjelah Johnson's stand up comedy, lol "Why don't you go google that when you get home.... why would you throw your purse in a tree when fighting?"  lol.  Funny girl.  

I think, being white, that it's a ghetto reference to getting beaten up and then them stealing your shiznit.... so you throw your purse up in the tree when you first start fighting cause you know they aint gunna to take no time to climb no tree to get your $5 in your purse.... they gunna be too busy runnin' befoe the po-po show up. Naw what I mean??

Hahah. Yeah.

Hope that answers your question!  You know you white too! 

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Anonymous Comment

lol, yes, ive been watching anjelah johnson. and the point of throwing youre purse  in a tree when you fight so that it doesnt get stolen. supposively, while youre in the ghetto, when you fight and lose you get everything stolen thats on youre person.

Isabelle garcia Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Yup i was just watching it nd i was like im so gonna do that

Anonymous Comment

Umm how many trees are there in the hood in LA?? LIKE REALLY??

Genie Thinks this answer is Helpful:

If ur gonna kick sum ass then u probably don't carry a purse... Giggles.... Hood rats don't usually carry.... I should know.... Scrapper4life!!!

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