May I please throw chlorine tablets into untreated sewer water?

Can I throw chlorine tablets into untreated sewer water?

PLEASE??? I would hope this does a lot of good!

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Where exactly are you seeing this "sewer water?"

At the street level, it may seem untreated. But water which is in the gutters preparatory to going into the sewers will eventually get to where it's going ~ usually a water treatment plant or a natural body of water (in my area, the San Francisco Bay).

That means, the answer is 'No.'

You may NOT throw chlorine tablets into what you perceive to be "untreated" sewer water ~ because it will most likely not REMAIN "untreated" sewer water!

For heaven's sake, contact your local municipal government and/or water company and ask them to explain how, where and when the "untreated sewer water" is treated. With any luck, their answers will make sense and ease your mind about your area's water.

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I agree with jkgrandma.  If you are having problems with sewer damage, you should contact a specialist.

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