Dealing with a negative image of yourself requires faith in God.  God made you, and He doesn't make junk.  Maybe you need to pray about what is wrong in your life and make it right.

We aren't all the same.  God made each of us to fit a particular place and when we don't look for that place it goes unfilled, and we wind up in a place where we don't belong.

Satan is at fault for that disorder but it doesn't take long to correct it.  It just takes faith.

To be born free is a gift. To live free is a privilege. To die free is our duty.
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Rocmike you forgot to mention Atheists.


there is no god. there is god. both statements may be trou and wrong,if there was not an IF which continues in that (if) there was no SCIENCE that says that most porbably there is not god and that anything that one says there is in a void,the one has the burden to prove that there is something,god,in the void. the conclusion is that until science proves there is god,there is no god. that settled,one cannot seek for soothing in prayer for as is still known to science an unexistant highoneer powed so called 'god',neither can one change ones past nor genes that are the guilty party for the ones present suffering. so what can one do? the only thing one can do is try to change ones present. hard to do but not impossible in most cases,providing ones genes and presence are not too unfortunate. if u took yr present life and yr genes in consideration and if u have high intelligence knowledge and character for doing so,u might be able to change some of bad stuff in yr present life that help u feel unworthy. what can help u is take an example of another unlucky and unhappy person with shitty life and unfavourable genes,and try to just theorthically change the ones life. u would see that when someone else looks at ones present unfortunate situation and emotional life,this simeone else would find solutions for at least some of the bad stuff in the oter persons life.ill take my life as example. my dad was a mild but enough aloholic and womanizer,cheated on my mom which two things made all our lives,but his,miserable,we were three daughters. mom had no self respect for some other reasons of here own too,very serious ones,her mother had left her in a foreign country with a destitute spinster. so i had no selfesteem for these reasons and i had my own in having a cardiac illness and an ugly scar from cardiac opertion since my fourteen.i was a girls. but i loved handsome cute men as was my dad and as my mom loved too.i believe she couldnt have left my dad cos there were other times and three kids. but then i married an alcoholic,of course,and he was also of course cute and very handsome and athlethic. i knew from the beginning he was no marriage material but i desperately wanted a 'legal' baby and was already in my 30 so i had no choice. even now i believe i had no choice but to marry him. but when i saw soon after,in one year to the most,that he had no intention of changing his ways, I COULD HAVE LEFT HIM.i was not in my moms situation and still i chose to stay with a handsome alcoholic nevertheless.ok,he was it was my fault,not that i married him cos i wanted a 'legal' baby,but in staying with,i should consider my present situation,35 years later,not good at all,with the wisdom i had now looking at my past situation and my share of guilt for it. its hard its difficult that i now see what wrong i am doing NOW,but its not impossible. so i suggest u look at yr situation objectively,and at yr genes too,like someone else would look at it,and not wait ten yrs later to realize what u should have done to improve yr situation,u cant improve yr genes but u can use them more wise,and not pray to 'god' or listen to psychiatrists. they just make their money oon yr unhappines. this cos they cant change neither yr genes nor yr situation,only uuu can. and instead of telling u this,and advising u how to change some aspects of yr situation,they keep u in dark about it,in order that u stay psychiatic or psychologists patient forever. when u take a car to a car fixer he will fix one thing but spoil another so that u come back some other time and give him more money. i hope u understood what i mean. english is not my mother tongue. good luck in getting more selfknowledge and awareness...

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