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Green tea

how healthy is arizona pomegranate green tea? i heard that drinking green tea helps your body fight toxins and helps lose weight. where can i find a healthy drink that does that ...
  Posted 5 years ago .


More Bullshit from AOL

They allow this copy paste bullshit and greatbear spamming 500 times a day but delete a picture of a frog and an inner tube. Here's the crap in the next two posts. What is ...
  Posted 20 hours ago .


Has anyone tried Sensa weight loss?

I am thinking of starting on the Sensa weight loss program, based on their rave reviews but am not sure what to expect.
  Posted 6 years ago .


How did camille beck (iceberg slims daughter) die?

how did camille beck (iceberg slims daughter) die?
  Posted 1 year ago .


Riding a bike or power walking?

Which is a better workout, riding a bike or power walking?
  Posted 7 years ago .