What Do You Think of LeAnn Rimes Engagement To Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes famously cheated on her husband with actor Eddie Cibrian, who eventually divorced his wife to be with the country star.  Now the two are getting ready to wed. How do you feel about their engagement?

What Do You Think of LeAnn Rimes Engagement To Eddie Cibrian Getty Images

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I am sure that the tradition will continue.

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I think "People actually give a crap about this kind of thing? " Really, some people just need to get a life normal people have enough problems without getting all involved in celebrity gossip!

Why do you care?  Spouses cheat all the time...why do you care about this couple just because she is a celebrity?  Any children involved?

If they are agree for this relation, I don't have any right to disagree...LOLzzz

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I don't agree with how they got together because people were hurt. They will forever be branded as cheaters and liars, but at least they will have each other.

Great hair is a must!

I also am sure the " Tradition "  will continue as Jay put it .



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