What Do You Think Of Clothing Labels By Celebrity Designers?

Gwen Stefani has L.A.M.B., Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson has the Jessica Simpson Collection, JLo has done J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez, and of course, there's the labels by reality stars Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad.  What's your take on clothing labels from celebrity designers? 

What Do You Think Of Clothing Labels By Celebrity Designers? http://www.bittenandbound.com

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Tasteless.. Would wear a no name first..


 S G


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Don't know about her clothing line, ( Simpson) but her extensions and hair pieces are crap. Way over priced for the nothing you get.

It's cool.  But it doesn't mean I'll buy them just because they have their name on it.  It has to be comfortable and wearable.

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I have to agree with dic the Jessica Simpson collection is very comfortable and stylish; I think celebrity designer clothing lines are sometimes very fashionable and affordable.


I like Simpson's collection. However I like it much when celebrities like Kirsten Dunst donate their collections for a great cause. Really appreciating. I wish I can see Simpson do the same one day.

The Lord Is My Shepherd; There Is Nothing I Shall Want

They are fairly annoying seeing as most of the celebrities have NOTHING to do with the actual design process. They basically have a team of other people that do everything and they, at the most, will sign off on things at the very end. And that is just with the more involved celebrities!

These are nice shoes.

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I'd rather wear a simple yet elegant design and cheaper price.

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