Do you think my boyfriends is cheating?

My boyfriend has to many female friends and I don't think its rite for him bring the bitch to his crib especially if I'm there with the baby and on top of that, he think its not necessary. He don't even let me look, or touch his phone. Everytime I cuddle next to him when he on or even playing on his phone, he tries to hide it and even when he goes to the bathroom to take a shower, takes it. And now,everytime I walk upstairs to the room, he's talking on the phone or gets off real quick and says I'm talking to "O" or "Geez", NOW do you think something is up? Kinda sneaky to me?!

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Honestly ~ yes, I think he is either cheating or thinking about cheating.  He is hiding things from you.  You have a child to think about.  His bringing other women to your home is so disrespectful.  Tell him you need to see his phone.  If he says no, then teell him to you, that means he is cheating.  then you need to decide what to do next.  I wouldn't stay with a man who has no respect for the mother of his child.  You need to find yourself a real man, and real men don't cheat!!!!

Hope things work out okay for you, Sweetie.  Keep your baby as your first priority ~ always.

~ "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." Buddha ~ S.N.O.T.S., Inc. ~ ~

why r u even asking you already know! sorry.

Put the matter of cheating aside for 1 min ok? Granted everyone is entitled to make phone calls in private or without you overhearing the conversations right? Having said that give him his space and tell him he needs to conduct his phone calls at a time that doesn't interfer with your time with him because it shows disrespect and it appears as though this is a deliberate attempt on his part to throw these callers in your face.

The longer you continue to allow him to do this the worst it will get. One other thing, why aren't you in your place? If you two shack you need to find your own place, cause that's a sure sign he wants you to leave. Now back to the cheating thing? The scenario you shared has all the elements of it.


Its never too late to ask.

First of all try to calm down you sound like your were really venting. Try talking to some one, anyone, a cousoler to start if you have health insurance. If not a good freind. If you need anyone to talk to Call me my name is  Scott, I am a bum with to much time on his hands right now. Or email me, My email is , be persistent what ever you do, and try to have fun! It's contaguos.

LIfe is FUn

there is not a blinder person than a person that does not want to see. all the cenerios conclude that he is. you seem to be allowing it by allowing woman that make you feel uncomfortable into your house he obviously has no consideration for your feelings. te bimbos that he is talking to are odviously feedig his ego. he is a player and is by far not ready for committment. if you do not respect yourself he will never, neither. you are spending to much positive energy on the inevitable. you need to gain some self respect and demand the respect any woman deserves if no results then loose the looser and find yourself a man that will respect you and is ready to comit and treat you the way you deserve. doing that is usually less stressfull. good luck!   

r u saying u had a baby with this skunk. What is your problem. He's treating you like dirt and u r asking if he's cheating. What the hell is he doing by being on the phone while u r trying to get his attention? You've low self esteem. That is obvious.

r u saying u had a baby with this skunk. What is your problem. He's treating you like dirt and u r asking if he's cheating. What the hell is he doing by being on the phone while u r trying to get his attention? You've low self esteem. That is obvious.

i think all the things that you've just mentioned show that the guy is hidding something from you. its very obvious. If you have a child with him you should demand respect and attention. It is not right to bring bimbos to the house when you have a woman and a child. Your child should be your priority. If he does not know how to respect you I think you should leave him. It seems hes not ready for commitment. You have a child to be responsible for. Hence, gather some self respect, which is not easy process, and leave that sob for good.

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