Who do you think won the first debate?

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Anyone with a brain (Chad Hatten and Pete Repeat don't qualify) could clearly see Romney had Obama on his heels all night. Only the most delusional, obsessed Obama supporter could possibly think he won anything last night.


Romney took it all the way.  He proved all he said with facts and figures, not that he had to dig out a bunch of charts.  Obama came away like just any other leftist faker, so that means Romney won asll the way.

I told you so.

Romney is the man for the Oval Office and that idiot from Kenya deserves a jail cell.

Leftist slackers will always be poor and degenerate. The solution is to get motivated.

Obviously Romney was engaged, and good, but his claims were exaggerated and he sensationalized some points for effect. Yet those points were incorrect according to political analysts after the debate. Therefore in enthusiasm and conviction I award Romney, in honesty and direct response to comments, I award President Obama.

Romney won hands down. Obama seemed to put his head down many times almost as if he was shamed (or reading notes like crazy).

Obama's wild eyed claques applauded their cult leader's every foolish blunder and default, but the factual case went entirely to Romney.

Obama failed to substantiate even one of his ridiculous allegations and still defaults automatically to racism at every opportunity -- because only racists ever supported Obama.

Big money backing from huge foreign corporations didn't give the corrupt and witless Obama any advantages.

Obama was defeated soundly in every regard, which proves that he was always completely unfit for office except in the eyes of Bill Ayres, George Soros, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan -- all because they are corrupt racists with a truly foul grudge against America.

Only traitors would support Obama.

This time they lost, and the trend will continue rest well assured.

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