Do you think a woman is stupid if she has an unplanned pregnancy and keeps the baby despite being unable to care for it?

I actually don't think she's stupid. The bond between mother and child is very strong. IT can be hard or impossible for some women to surrender their children even if they are poor. I am inspired to ask this by a woman I follow on Twitter. She sometimes complains about women who have sex without birth control, get pregnant and keep their babies even though they are not in a position to care for child and they have various options such as adoption, abortion, etc.

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There MANY possible reasons for her dicision (apart from being stupid !).... e.g: she is relativly old and afraid that she'll never get pregnant again (and is craving to be a mother).... or he was her real (and only) love and wants to heave a living memory of him.....  Just 2 to mention.  

Love is the battery of life....

I think not. Been able to get pregnant is a gift from god. There is a vast amount of women who get pregnant and is poor and unprepared, but they do get by. It is about determination and being industrious.However in a case when one is not financially stable one has to take the necessary precaution against multiple pregnancies.

Jesus is the answer.

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