Who do you think will win?

Obama or Romney - who do you think is going to win and why?

Who do you think will win?Getty

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No question about it: Romney.  Just look at the facts.

25 million people are out of work and desperate because Obama failed us.  Congress has had it with Obama and may not inaugurate him even if he wins the election (most unlikely).

The Senate is in doubt because so many Senators have already lost their seats due to Democrat misconduct.

If the impossible happens and Obama wins, he will face impeachment the following day on a laundry list of felonies and this time Obama can't stack the deck in his favor. 

Obama was always a loser, leftists who follow him like zombies have awakened and will no longer support Obama, and the informal polls already put Romney far in the lead.

Obama has lost any way you look at it.

Obama is the worst president we have ever suffered. We impeached Clinton because he is a rapist, we pitched Carter out because he was a fool, Johnson had to turn down nomination because he was a criminal, and Kennedy just about got us nuked. Nothing will improve the Democrats because they are such hypocrites and racists. There is no use trying.

I am at odds because I know that these Dem/Progressives are ruthless and capable of anything to keep themselves in power.  They have waited too long to let this go.

My prayers are with Romney and I realize Benghazi was heaven sent because it has shown the lying sack of excrement that Obama is along with Biden.  If he would sacrifice an Ambassador how easy is it for him to watch our men/women killed in Afghanistan and Iraq?  He could care less.

He is a cold, heartless amphibian and he will pay for it if he wins.  The public will rise up and demand his resignation and Impeachment.

We are in a parcarious position and my prayers are that there will be Devine intervention.

My only question is why Obatso even tried at this election.  America can't stand this Kenyan loser, he blew it to the tune of sixteen trillion dollars that you and I will have to repay -- for nothing -- and we have busted every lie Obatso ever spewed at us.

So far Obatso has blown it.  If he got a second chance he would only blow it worse.

Leftists forget: they do what they defy.

Obama. He has made great strides in fixing the mess Bush left our country in. Romney wants to go back to the same failed Bush policies that got us in this mess in the first place.

Obama will win. Romney has flipped to many times on important issues including the most recent - FEMA. Obama has been a member of the middle class and knows what it is to start from the bottom and work his way up. His Affordable Health Care Act starts to finally give medical care to those who are in need. He is in the process of bringing troops home, closing Guantanamo, working on increasing jobs, taken care of the devastating natural disasters, flu epidemics, and a divisive congress. Finally I have to say that I am still waiting to hear from anyone out there who can tell me what the Republican Party has done for me. What program have they instituted that we all participate in? Democrats have given us Social Security, Medicare (which Ronald Reagan openly fought against) and now Affordable Health Care.

We have seen the delusions of leftists.  Leftists think that the Republicans will impant them with mind control chips, that the Republicans are unforgivable racists, and that Republicans are all morons despite our academic standing.

Leftists now demand that no one even show up at the polls because of the horrendous showing Obama has made in early-poll work at County Auditor Offices nationwide.

Leftists have always been absolute totalitarians, demand to topple the United States, and will defend their anger, bigotry, and pride by means of random bloodshed as in the case of the terrorist Holmes -- a leftist liberal who said he supports Obama.

So far we have seen that wise and thinking persons support Romney.  Only vulgar and uneducated bigots support Obama because his defrocked former minister screams "God Damn America."

That is the actual rationale for leftist liberals to support Obama -- the traitor president.

What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.

Jesus Christ will win in the end.

When you DIE then Jesus Comes back, who will be president then?

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