What do you think of Romney's 47% remark?

Obama responds 

Do  you think it's the end of Romney?

What can he do to bounce-back?

What do you think of Romney's 47% remark? AP

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If these two are the best this country has to offer, than we are in big trouble!


“My job is is not to worry about those people."
Ann Rmoney = 'You people'.
Mitt Rmoney = 'Those people'.

WE, THE PEOPLE, will vote for a man who cares about ALL AMERICANS.


Do consider the fact that the republicans and tea party members of congress have consistently blocked every program that would have helped create jobs and get our economy going - and whose main job was seen as not giving Obama a second term rather than looking at what this country needed and working together to stem the financial diaster that Obama inherited.

It's already an electoral college landslide for Obama. Romney is just making sure he is going to lose even bigger.


Here are the reasons for those who paid no federal income tax reaching that point:



In 2011, payroll tax receipts totaled $818 billion, only $200 billion less than was brought in by the federal income tax. Those Americans who paid payroll taxes, but had no income tax liability, still pay about 15 percent of their income, higher than the 13 percent Romney pays.

As ThinkProgress has explained, more and more income has become concentrated at the top of the income scale in the last few decades, so the wealthy have paid a larger share of federal taxes, because they have a larger share of the income.


Mitt Romney paid the same rate of taxes that anyone else paid.  The only one I know for a fact evaded income tax entirely was George Soros.  He is definitely a criminal and so is anyone he supports.

Obama is the worst president we have ever suffered. We impeached Clinton because he is a rapist, we pitched Carter out because he was a fool, Johnson had to turn down nomination because he was a criminal, and Kennedy just about got us nuked. Nothing will improve the Democrats because they are such hypocrites and racists. There is no use trying.

Soros isn't running kook . And YOU LIE !

 Of the 46 percent of Americans who were expected to payno federal income tax in 2011, more than 60 percent of them were working and contributing payroll taxes — which means they paid a higher effective tax rate on their income than Romney does — and an additional 20 percent were elderly. So more than 80 percent were either working or past retirement age.

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