What do you think about the NRA statement to Obama's announcement of new measures to prevent gun violence?

What do you think about the NRA statement to Obama's announcement of new measures to prevent gun violence?What do you think about the NRA statement to Obama's announcement of new measures to prevent gun violence? AP

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Unfortunately the NRA has become just another lobbying group for a manufacturer , a gun manufacturer , that only cares about profit . They recognize that there's a minor segment of our population that reacts to fear mongering , lies and innuendo and push their buttons to sell their product . When even the majority of NRA members fall in line with what the president proposes instead of the fiery rethoric of the gun lobbyists you know the NRA's days as a storied gun rights group are over . Thank God we have a president that listen to the will of the people instead of the unhinged shrill of a few uninformed " patriots" .

Joe Scarborough joined Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC after Obama's speech on Wednesday. He criticized Republicans for being what he said was out of touch with Americans, an assertion he has made before, as well as the NRA. He laid out what he saw as the GOP's two choices in the House of Representatives. "They can either pass a comprehensive gun control package right now and shape it under Speaker Boehner, or they can wait two years when they lose the majority and have Nancy Pelosi write that bill," Scarborough said. "There are no other choices." He went on to hammer Republicans for living in an "echo chamber" for the past year. Scarborough issued the same warning to his party immediately after the Newtown shooting. In December, he said "we will lose" if Republicans continued to defend Glocks and Bushmasters.

Rocmike please do not ruin this question by having all of your aliases come on here and repeat the same crap over and over.

Froggie, no-one here repeats the same crap over and over nearly as much as you do.  You are basicly just an irritating little twit who makes no contribution whatsoever here.  And, before you start, don't bother accusing me of either defending Rocmike or being Rocmike. 

Leftists always go out of their way to cause all the violence in America.  Then, like little Hitlers, they scapegoat the people they have set their eyes on to despise.

All leftists are that bitter and worthless.  They prove it daily.

Hitler is their role model therefore the end is predicted by all the actions of all the leftist liberals that ever idoolized fascism, Hitler, and hate.

It is just that simple.

Obama the greedy demands to control guns.
A very profitable Al Qaeda subsidiary!
Leftists delight in how that always runs.
They belong only in a penitentiary.

"Politics makes strange bedfellows," George Washington. "So does the worst brothel in Philadelphia," Benjamin Franklin. "I'd rather have a government that is a Republican Lady, rather than a Democrat whore," Douglas Mac Arthur.

I loved their ad and found it "Brutely" honest.  They are right on, Obamas' children go to a school armed to the teeth.  They are no more valuable than our own children.  Just as the Military is volunteer and we face the dangers, so do politicians etc etc etc.  I am not saying they don't need that protection, what I am saying is that if his children were in danger, and my children or grands were there, and I could save someone, I would save my own.  That is the honest truth!


Americans now put people who are just public servents, including the president in some lofty catagory.  The fact is they are worth no-more than we are.  They do not deserve more than we have, wether it is protection, insurance or what have you.   They mean nothing to me except I expect them to do their jobs, if they are not doing their jobs, I expect them to be fired or Impeached. 



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