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First off, lets get this issue straight..they are NOT legalizing MJ for recreational use...this is for medicinal purposes only. You will have to have a debilitating disease, where there are no options for betterment of quality of life. It can also be in liquid from to administer to children, called " Charlottes Web" which relieves horrific pain and discomfort caused by Cancer/treatments. Obtained by prescription only in very small quantities and very regulated.. even more than Phar. drugs. I feel there has not been enough education to the public on this matter and thus there are many misunderstandings.

The effects of Phamaceutical drugs outways the effects of Marijuana...

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Anonymous Comment

Leftists all push hard drugs like marijuana and heroin on little ones.  Leftists have never once done anything else well.


What a pity that leftists play insult gaes by forcing hard drugs on little ones and then using their mafia greed to force little ones into lives of crime, depravity, atheism, hate, and cruelty.


Indeed, that is why we wisely made this hateful illegal drug illegal, but leftists hope to get little ones hooked on marijuana and then heroin from Afghanistan.  What could be more obvious or criminal than absolutely corrupt Islam?


It is as simple as that, and it is as obvious as it is simple.


Leftists always push hard drugs like marijuana on litte children.


Obviously you misunderstood what I said...and if feel

so strongly of your convictions, why be

" anonymous " ?


Keep your stink weed to your self.  Got that?

Melvin Whitcombe

Drug pushing leftists will do anything dirty to avoid honest work.  That means they think nothing of pushing marijuana on little ones as the direct lead in to other, equally harmful illegal drugs.


Then, they lie about it, hoping to make drug addiction seem a bit less horrifying.

Anonymous Comment

You have over 4 straight hours of posting under this alias. We can also see from your alias above that your were posting under that one 8 hours ago. You have a great life. LOL

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