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I think my husband might have a sex addiction problem how can i find out what sites he goes too

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check the history on your computer

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You can use a keylogger to capture all of the key strokes made by the user. 


The program is free. Also, if you find out that he has a problem you can take a look at my website on how to treat the addiction


Good luck!

Most men and women have a sexual addiction with sex every where you look, movies, billboards, music provocative clothing women wear this day and time..There is nothing wrong with having a sex addiction, least he is healthy, sexually....Lots of men are afraid to tell their wives what they like as well as women. try exploring new sexual possitions or toys, flip da script, rock his fukn world and hell come back for more of that good stuff..If he doesn't give you your's, help him out, unless you don't love him, then it doesn't matter....Men don't want to have sex with a woman who is a drag and just lays there till its over, it affects a mans head then he'll watch porn and/or look to other women to make him feel his man hood, per say...Instead of spying on him, bring sexy back to the bed room...hook him up and do some freaky shit to draw him more to you, unless you just dont wanna have sex with him, then you have a whole different problem all together...

Ask a computer or IT Experts about that, they're good in tracking the websites you've been through/ you can simply check the history on your browser. But you must also consider that men are born to be sex lovers.


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