A beeyotch like Hillary would be a shoe-in for dogcatcher anyplace in the world, for any political party.

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Anonymous Comment

Hilary Clinton can't become an Animal Control Officer: she doesn't have a recognized degree.  That "degree" she claims in England turns out to be just another of her lies.  She never graduated -- and Bill only graduated on his parents money. 


Then two years after that draft dodger returned with an "Amnesty" discharge, he was disbarred from Arkansas for misrepresenting clients.


When that was discovered in Arkansas, she was disbarred -- for lack of a degree and for misconduct in office.


Democrats try to sweep that under the carpet but face it, they are the only bigots stupid enough to try.

Fred Guenther

Bill Clinton wouldn't qualify as an ACO either: he could not be trusted to leave White House Interns with their virginity, so how could we entrust the care of helpless dogs and cats to persons of such depravity?


Please, think of the poor helpless dogs and cats!

Anonymous Comment

One mongrel bitch can't be trusted with another?


Not a comforting thought...............

Fred Guenther

There is enough animal abuse as it is. Would YOU trust the care of your pets to someone as negligent and irrational as Hilary Clinton?  She has already proved that she is unworthy to be considered an American, and is ABSOLUTELY unfit for ANY public office -- including Animal Control.


How much less would you trust a nation to that negligent and untrustworthy wretch?


Only tombstones would vote for that worthless cuckold.

MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC

I would never entrust dumb animals to the care of Democrat fools.  That does not mean dogs and cats are stupid -- it means they are voiceless -- with friends of the ASPCA like yours unruly to speak their case.


That is a humanitarian imperative!


Hilary Clinton is already far too old for training as an ACO.  She is even farther in excess of age limits to learn the Presidency -- and this is not a job one can learn on the fly.


Bill Clinton proved that and was impeached as the result.

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