Does anyone know how much Theresa the medium costs

Does anyone know how much Theresa Caputo ( the medium on TLC) charge for appointments and if she does it by phone as well?

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Whatever it is it is not worth it. Mediums have been debunked countless times and have never, not once, been vindicated by the evidence. Use your money on things that are not only real but important.

" Reality is that which exists outside of your beliefs. "

John no offence but have you ever lost anyone and even had a medium give you validation on somthing, the medium could not have possible known? Until then don't doubt.....Don't forget you and all the rest of us will eventually be on the other side.

I'm a psychic, okay. I'm going to tell you the absolute truth here. Yes, we do sense the dead. BUT, there's a catch. A psychic, a medium (and they are different things) can ONLY contact the dead if they have stayed on this plane for whatever reason. If a person has passed on into the light, there is simply no contacting them. Yes, when a house is haunted, we can sense the dead. Some can speak with the dead. I can't. And there are times when, if you are one who can communicate with the dead in any way, you find entities approaching you. But every one of those entities on this plane are here for two basic reasons. Either they don't realize they're dead due to the suddenness or violence of their death, or they feel like they have unfinished business. The vast majority of people pass peacefully and joyfully into the light. Sometimes they may appear at the time of or shortly thereafter their deaths to say goodbye and comfort their loved ones. But once they've passed into the light, that's it. They're beyond this world. Most mediums are fakes, plain and simple. A lot of psychics are fakes too. The TV psychics? I can point to two who are genuine. The rest are bogus so far as I can tell. There was one a while back on the show Most Haunted that was so fake it cracked me up to watch him do his terribly gay and British dramatic act. There's one very famous medium/psychic who is a despicable fake. Without mentioning her name, let me just say that she and her late husband were closely associated with the so called Amityville horror. Which was completely and totally bogus.

Why do I say these things if I'm a psychic? Don't I support my fellow psychics? Yes, I do, when they're genuine. But I despise the cons that take advantage of people's fear and grief and pain and longing. A genuine psychic generally doesn't charge for their services. If they want money, you need to be suspicious from the get go.

Why try to contact someone who's passed anyway? Seriously. Keep their memory alive in your heart and let them, and yourself, move on in peace.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I joined the wait list for Teresa, but after visiting a particular pshyhic medium yesterday, Teresa's services are no longer needed!!! I almost fainted at the accuracy of the medium I visited. SHe not only came through with details that only my mother knew, but EXACT names!!!! The entire session was like I was having a conversation with my mother!!! ANd there was no asking questions from the medium either!!! My mother came through and provided everything in detail. And when I say detail I mean DETAIL!!!! Everyone is entitled to thjier opinions and YES---countless folks have been debunked. But, one thing is for sure---the medium I visited is right up there with Teresa and for far less than what Teresa charges I am sure. The medium was so accurate and true that I came away feeling complete closure!!! And I know wothout a doubt that my mother is with me always, always, always!!!!! I am a beleiver and the medium I visited yesterday has a gift that would make a beleiver out of the hardest skeptic!!!!

my wife tried getting on the list to see Theresa but she is heavily booked, especially from the tv series but my wife heard of another good medium that does readings on individuals based off of just a photograph. Not sure all the details but the ladys name is Debbie and her email is hope this helps for some of you ....

She sounds like a psychometrist to me, not a medium. Psychometry is the ability to sense much from a photo or a possession of whoever you're trying to contact. Many psychometrists are, indeed genuine. Hans Holzer is probably the most famous, though towards the end of his life he started going way over the top.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

What are the names of other mediums who are for real and how do we get in touch.  Thanks, Jean

Tammy Benoit on Facebook is an awesome medium.. She's from cincinnati ohio

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