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I am looking for the text of an article written by ...

I am looking for the text of an article written by Paul Johnson. the titel is "No law without order no freedom without law" it appeared in the Sunday Telegraph December 26, 1999. Does anyone know of a copy of this in an electronic format that they could direct me to?

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The Trumpet, a British tabloid, ran the article in 1999.  However author Flurry errs very greatly: the stability of a government is directly related to the consistency of its law.  History has shown us that repeatedly and reliably.

Anarchist societies are noted for barbarism, only the strongest shall survive, and in quick succession it becomes feudalism. 

In feudal societies, law is only a matter of the ruler's convenience and it becomes utter tyranny viz. feudal Japan. 

When Europe came out of the Dark Ages, it was because societies reemerged with law and order, allowing arts and science to flourish.  With arts and science came all the humanities: faith, education, and systematic rule of law among them. 

If everyone makes up the rules as they go, the only result will be utter chaos and all the violence that comes with it.  That sort of chaotic society is always rife with the worst corruption imaginable and intrigues to assassinate rulers become commonplace.

Peace Profound.

What you do today will be on your conscience tomorrow -- and for the rest of your existence.

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