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I have 2 that I bought from TSC and they are yellow, I bought them because I've never heard of this kind and wanted to see what they turn out to be.  No one seems to have an answer on what they are, or look like.  Not that this helps you any, but I've been asking and searching and no one knows.  TSC doesn't even know, they just know that "they lay eggs".

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Brian J Kochis

at least u know which ones u have they told me mine could be tetra tint and ive been looking idk what breed i have so i was looking for pics on here to match it up their idiots at tsc they dont even know what they sold me and i have the item num off my reciept and all they know is that i have female chickens so if u know that u for sure have tetra tint could u send me a cpl pics to brian_1983@rocketmail.com so i could compare them to see if i have them thanks


Anonymous Comment

hello, tetra tints are a new breed from a breeder in ohio. they will be an all white chick and lay brown colored eggs. this is the first time they have been sold at tsc. hope this helps


I bought what was supposed to be tetra tints from TSC and mine are not turning out all white.  Mine are turning white, but with black at the end of the feathers, and they have feathers on their legs.  They are now 8 weeks old and almost as big as the Rhode Island Reds I bought.  However, I also wanted to see what they looked like grown up and can't find any pictures of them online.

Richard Masters

Gina what you have sounds more like cornish rocks. However the color pattern has thrown me just a bit. Cornish are meat birds that grown very rapidly and usually are processed around 60 to 70 days.  In that time frame cornish birds can reach the 8 to 9 pound range depending on feeding. I hope this helps.


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We bought our tetra tint chickens at TSC too, the staff seemed to not know or care about their information.


Our TSC had no clue about the TETRAS  either. But I got  3 only because I don't know what I am doing and that's what the associate gave me.

According to the box I have 3 Tetras, 2 Cock Leghorns and 1 Cornish rock!


I just picked up six today from TSC. again they didn't have much info on the breed, but with a little research they are I found that they are a cross between cornish rocks and delaware. all I do know is the ones i picked up are very healthy and spry. one has already escaped my kiddie pool brooder now all 22 are in the watering trough. nice birds so far lets see how they lay

Anonymous Comment

Gina you have Light Brahmas. Not Cornish. Cornish do not have feathered legs. Go to Wikipedia or Backyard Chickens for description and photos. 


I have 3 tetras and mine are a light yellow but have dark gray spots on them. They're between 3 and 4 weeks old and aren't really that big. Just slightly smaller than my leghorns. But have already started growin in some dark gray feathers around thier shoulder area. And like usual TSC didn't know squat about em so go figure. I got em just to give em a shot. Either way they are great healthy birds. Good luck with all y'alls. ;)

Tracy Steed Seago

I work at TSC, and it's not that we just don't care. It's the fact that these chicks are new to us, and we can't pass on info we don't have. These are a new breed that are obviously bred specifically for us, and we didn't know ourselves(I didn't know til I did some research online) this is the first year we've had them. We're not idiots, we've just never heard of them til now. I myself am having to research since I acquired five of them for myself. And believe me, I will be contacting corporate to let them know that if they are gonna have chicks bred for our company, they'd best darn well inform us, and give us some intel.

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