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What are tetra tint chickens?

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I have 2 that I bought from TSC and they are yellow, I bought them because I've never heard of this kind and wanted to see what they turn out to be.  No one seems to have an answer on what they are, or look like.  Not that this helps you any, but I've been asking and searching and no one knows.  TSC doesn't even know, they just know that "they lay eggs".

Hello from what I have been told by a breeder they will be an all white chicken that lays brownish eggs. high producer

i also have two of them that i got from the same place friday and i cant find pics online anywhere lol


I have 10.  Colors range from the Rhode Island red to a very pretty red/white pattern mix.  Neck feathers seem to curve to one side on some.  Very friendly birds in general-& very inquisitively busy!  Mine all lay medium to dark brown eggs, tho small yet.  They just started laying this last weekend.

I read that tetra tint chickens are a breed special for tractor supply, I dont know what type of chickens were cross bred to get them

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