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How could I have tested positive for Marijuana when I never used it?

I recently tested positive for Marijuana but I have never used any drugs. They retested the same sample twice but say that both were positive with a level of 143 ng. Again, I never used drugs so I know there must have been a mistake. I went and had another test a week later and it was negative. I am tested frequently because of my job and this has never happened before. What could be the problem? I am told that the positive cutoff is 15 ng. Mine was almost 10 times that. Wouldn't that mean that I would have to be a heavy or at least regular user? If that were true, how could I be negative a week later with the same testing method (urine)? I am going for a hair sample this week but I am dumbfounded by the whole thing. I was taking some OTC meds for a cold and ripped fuel 5x for weight loss but I was told none of those would produce a false positive.

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Ibuprofen has been known to cause a misleading positive reaction for marijuana.

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I thought I'd share this experience from a first hand account.

Being a habitual pot smoker. I'd been tested 19 days in to being clean and tested negative for THC. A couple days later a tragic accident happened, one of my friends died. I was an emotional wreck, sadness, anger...

On day 22 I tested positive.

My emotional upheaval must have brought some of those buggers out of my fat cells or something. But this did really happen.

There are faulty tests. They keep using them knowing this. A friend of mine was on a job and the man ahead of him was not a marijuana smoker but his test showed positive for the third consecutive time (that day). He told them he would go get a blood test and they said "well, if you fail it, you'll have to pay for it." He said "In that case, I won't be paying for it then." My friend was next and he's not a marijuana smoker either. He told he was only going to do the test ONE time. That's when they, the one's doing the testing told him that it's common for the kit they (the company), used was know to be faulty. 

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