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No.  If you drink lots of water, it dilutes what is in the urine, but the urine test is checking for the metabolites of amphetamine.  Metabolism is the process that occurs as the molecules of a chemical break down and it is controlled by factors that cannot be manipulated.  It takes 48-72 hours to metabolize the meth.  If just once, hopefully it will be closer to 48 hours.   All the products that are sold to pass the tests are really nothing more than herbal diuretics.   They don't force it out of your system faster.   They work by forcing more water in the urine---which dilutes the sample.   These tests on work if there is a certain level of the drug in the system, but they're able to detect the metabolites from doing meth only once.     Drink a lot of water the morning before the test......whenever you urinate more often, you are diluting your urine.  Some people think drinking lots of water helps flush it out of the system faster, but that's not the case.   There's nothing to force it out of the system quicker.    Good luck!

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