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Thanks for admitting everything about atheists, Edicous Rex. So, tell us about all the times in the sack with your mother and why you murdered your father! You are the one who picked out the name! That means you side with incest, violence, and depravity!
Did you rape your daughter too, and then you told her to get an abortion or you'd kill her? That is how your atheist idol Ted Bundy got started. Are your sons safe from your sexual advances, naughty boy? Or did Child Protective Services take them away for their protection, leaving you with only your atheist cut dues as your survival scam instead of that tasty welfare check every month.
Too bad that you can't do anything else, unless it is to sell hard core pornography to little kids. Oh, we heard about you all right. Everyone knows you are Physicalist, the child rapist atheist bigot from hell. You will return there shortly.
Truly atheists really are all the same. Thank you for proving it again and again!"
It was the summer of 1998 or 99 when I got internet and the first thing I did was look up public radio stations that are streamed to the internet. I came across a title that said something about a Russian Zar and didn't know what a Russian Zar was so I checked it out and found it was a christian radio brodcast out of the South. What the christians were saying was that the Russian Zar sent them photo's of him having sex with his infant. The christians were saying the message the Russian Zar was sending them was that if you have sex with the infant up until the age of two years old it won't cause psychological damage to the child when she becomes older.
The christians were saying that they were trying to convict the Russian Zar for his beleifs which was what gave me the imppression he was religious. A couple month later it got on the international news that the UK put a ban on their people from even talking about the Russian Zar while the only thing I can find on the internet goes back a hundred years but nothing about a Russian Zar of today.
I didn't go looking for something like that it found me, you might want to keep that in mind.
The christians didn't get the message, thats the message I got out of it.

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rocmike after posting for 4 hours under bill you follow it up with hours of posting under stanley. same routine every day. do you not have any kind of life? rocmike-ap-southern give it a break.

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Edicous, the Czars of Russia were the royal household.  The last Czar was Nicholas II who was killed in 1918, during the Bolshevik Revolution. 


It is clear that you know as little about history as you do about religion, and what you think you know is all wrong.


You can twist what was said all you want but there was talk of a Russian Zar of 1999 during the year of 1999.


Yet theres no sign of it that can be found on the internet. At the time it was mentioned on National NEWS that talk of the Russian Zar of 1999 was made forbidden in the UK while nothing of it can be found on the internet at all.



All you'll get on the subject is someone elses history lesson but the history of it in our living time was faded out.




There was once a letter in Russian that looked like the number 2. Evidently that letter was faded out as well and replaced with the number 3.


The Russian 3ar.

Stanley Pembroke Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Nieuw par Rosky?


Kas minote?


Niet kas minote?


Koskorny barach!


I don't know I'd have to get to know the Russian Zar a little better before I got that serious.


You got his number?

Stanley Pembroke Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Kaponeichi var Rosky es minote a' niet.  Var barach adane!  Haska toba ateisti var barach, koskorny patu.


I don't speak Russian but in the subtitles on tv I always noticed the letter that looked just like the number 2.


A few months ago I looked up the Russian keyboard, there is no letter that looks like the number 2, but there is a letter that looks just like the number 3. The number 3 stands for Z.


I understand that in some Countrys age is counted diffrent than it is here. At the age of one year old we are considerd that age until we turn the age of two years.


In some Countrys the day one turns the age of one year old they are considerd the age of two years old.

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