Can anyone tell me how to play the SPIRIT OF THE GLASS thing?

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The so-called spirit of the glass is actually a ouija board which was used before  ouija boards were invented.  You need a round wooden table, not too big, a wine or champagne glass or water glass which you will invert so the top of the glass will be resting on the table.  You will put the alphabet around the edge of the table along with yes, no and if you have room, numbers.  You need a minimum of 2 people to do this.  Each person puts 1-2 fingers on the base of the glass LIGHTLY, barely touching it.  And call for whatever spirit that may have passed on to come through the board.  Although many people play this game at midnight (bewitching hour) or with candlelight, this really isn't that necessary, although it certainly adds to the ambience of the game, lol.  I would give you three cautions:  1.  Do not do this lightly and make a game of it.  2.  Do not call forth somebody you don't know or, even worse, somebody that died that had a horrible track record while on the earth plane.  3.  Protect yourselves with the White Light prior to embarking on the game.  If you feel any negativity at all, stop the game and dismantle it quickly and ask whatever it is to go away.  Oh yeah.  Make sure the lights are on at this time.

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