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Do I tell him I love him?

My boyfriend said he loves me. I care about him, but want to be sure when I tell him I love him back. I don't want to hurt him. What should I do?

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The truth is more important than anything else when you use the "L" word.  Tell him exactly what & how you feel.  Tell him you enjoy being with him and you really hope your relations will flourish.  Feel free to tell him that you prefer to use the "L" word only when you feel it's 100% ture..... and you hope that your relations will soon reach that special unique level..... and you, unlike many others, don't overuse that word....
If he is a smart guy (as a sensetive smart person like you deserve to have) he'll even get it as a compliment and even appreciate it (and you).  At least I would do so !.
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Love is the battery of life....

I wouldn't say it back until you are sure you mean it. Those are strong words and shouldn't be thrown around lightly.

Every story has an end but in life, every end is just a new beginning.

You can nicely and flattered let him know you really care about him too but when you say the love, he can rest to sure you really mean it. If he is a mature man he will understand and will continue to treat you the way you deserve and he will make you feel it sooner than you both think. Good luck!

Let him know your feelings towards him

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