If you tell a guy how you feel about him, and he ...

If you tell a guy how you feel about him, and he does not respond what does that mean? How can a guy sit on the phone with a female until 1am, or 2am and not have any feelings for her? Can that be possible?

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Some people (men and women) are enchanted with a fantasy love relationship.  Long phone conversations late at night, obviously mean he enjoys talking to you--but it does not mean he wants to have a life long relationship with you.  The phone provide a safe distance to talk and share without being emotionally responsible.  He may be a commitment phobic, an introvert, a loner or insecure.  You probably overwhelmed him with your desire to take the phone relationship to the next step.  He will now have to process if he is ready to do that.  Either way, remember that talk is cheap. 

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Of  course it means something. It means he enjoys having a conversation with you!

If you have additional feelings for him (not just friends) and have said so with no response from him, then it means that he likes things just the way they are. He doesn't want to acknowledge what you said because that may change the dynamic of your relationship and he enjoys your friendship and the converasations you have with each other.

Let it alone. In time, perhaps his feelings for you will deepen and grow. If not, you'll have a good friend with whom you can share anything and everything.

Relationships come and go, but a true friendship is often hard to come by. 

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You didn't specify the "how you feel" about him, but i assume you mean you like him deeply. If he does not respond there are many reasons, one may be he likes you too and is embarrased or insecure about expelling his feelings, or he feels uncertain how he feels about you. Maybe he thinks your not the absolute partner. The fact that he doesn't answer means any number of things, it's not a black and white thing, it has to do with context and the situation. It's not a question which has an easy answer, only you can come up with it. Based on your understanding of the relationship you should have a perspective on what he means by the remark.

Omg that happend to me, and i started wondering why is he on the phone with me for soo long? I think he has crush on  u but he doesnt want to tell u, or his taking things easy so he can get to know u. Or he enjoys talking to u and just want u as friends...The last but not the least, he maybe wants to know if u are easy to get too or hard so he can make his way to eather ways..Hope that helps..If u really like him and wants to be with him ask him if he likes u simple as that and if u just want keep him as friends, i dont see why u worried. U must like talking to him too..  :)

if you want to tell some thing in which you are interested than it is good that you can share your feelings.it is good that you can share your feelings

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Maybe he is feeling pressured to do something or be something he's not ready to do or be. Maybe he was happy just getting to know you and enjoying you. He might just be a nice decent guy who likes to move slowly and with purpose.

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