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How can you tell if your child is being molested if she can't talk yet?(she is only 20 months)

signs of sexual abuse in children under the age of 2

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watch the childs reactions with whom you think is doing this if the baby is touching there private parts more then usual ,sit with dolls and watch how the child plays with them see a doctor as soon as possible

Heather, go to your doctor and have her checked immediately. If you even think it, get help now. If this is happening, the person that is doing it is very sick and it won't stop. Do what you have to do no matter what. That baby's life depends on it.

God Bless you. George~

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A child would eventually show a different mood when playing and interacting with older people.. You would notice this.. And if you do, better have her checked before it's too late..

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Because you are having suspicions, trust your instincts and take her to the doctor/emergency room immediately!  I do not speak to my sister but my mom, who constantly has my sisters kids every weekend was concerned and telling me that my niece was constantly sore in her vaginal area. When it came to bath time she was reluctant to be undressed and washed.  At the time my mom was telling me that she thought my niece wasn't being kept clean or bathed at all at home. (my sis and her bf are avid drug/herion users, our local CYS has been called numerous times by myself and others, but they won't do anything) I insisted that my mom tell my sis to take my niece to the doc. To which never happened. It turns out that my niece was being sexually molested/raped by my sisters neighbor. He was caught by his own brother and he turned him in. My niece was taken to the ER. Point being don't wait for reactions you obviously have a reason for questioning it so take your daughter to the doctor and have her checked immediately. As far as acting out, my niece did not act out until after the guy was caught.

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Having her checked out will not traumatize her. What will traumatize her is if she is being sexually abused and it continues. If there is someone abusing her, the sooner it gets discovered, the better.

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