How can I tell if my boyfriend cheating online?

How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me online?

During the last month he has become very tensed every time I walk by when he is using the computer, seems like he is closing a window, and there is no way I could surprise him from behind, and catch him red handed.  

Are there any softwares or other solutions to track his activity?

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Hmm...  It really depends on what he's doing.  If his activity is web-based, the browser will retain a history of the pages he visited, but you still won't be able to access his chat logs/email, etc., without the requisite login credentials.  And if he's smart enough to clear private data after his sessions, you won't even have a history.

Have you considered the direct approach?  Personally, I'm of the opinion that, if you're wrong and your cloak-&-dagger invasion of his privacy is unwarranted, then he would be quite justified to consider YOU the weak link in the relationship.  In other words, if you've gotten to the point where one of you is cyber-spying on the other, you should really already be broken up.  No trust, no future.  Just my opinion.

Hope it works out for the best.

if you don't trust him, don't be with him. TRUST is the most important part of a relationship. think of it like this... how would you like to spend your time with someone who you fight with on a daily basis because you are accusing him of being unfaithful... in fact, i could turn this on you and say that it is you who can't be trusted cause you are the one who is accusing.

Why bother to base relationship upon spying, suspicions and mistrusts?

Well, no one directly answered your question.  Here is my humble attempt based on 53 years of life.  First, they are right.  If you don't trust him, you don't need to be with him.  Second, having worked as a PI in years past I can tell you that if you have these suspicions you are probably right.  Also, asking him directly would be a good idea.  (The answers would be interesting, just remember to be calm and LISTEN to what he does and doesn't say)  As the first person told you, the browser will retain SOME information unless he clears it.  That leaves you with only one other option if you chose to remain and really find out.  Webwatcher is the top rated software to find out quietly what he's doing on the computer and who he's talking to.  It's pricy, but it works.  Just remember that you don't want to let him know what you've done, or what you learn.  What if you discover he isn't cheating?  These are all your options.  I still hold out for the direct approach.  If you don't trust him, don't be with him.

Great question.  Here is my definition of "Cheating".   "Would the person be acting that way if their partner was standing right beside him/her?".  If yes, then he is not cheating.  If no, then he is "cheating" on the relationship.   Cheating doesn't have to be intimate contact with another human.  He could be looking at pornographic images, or playing online poker, who knows.  Regardless, you should talk with him.  Confession and discussion are good for any relationship, even if it means you both need to move on to better things.


Have you communicated about what he is doing while online?  If it is a hobby for him, do he talk about his efforts?  Do he think you will you be angry if he was looking at sexual sites?  You should ask him in a polite way about his online time. 

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Can someone also help me. My boyfriend is suspiscously acting odd.  Is there anyway .. I can spy on him and not get caught? I dont live with him and he lives in the countryside with roads you cant park on. I didnt want to hang out in the woods across the way.  I thought of  a hacker?  I know there is one called hackzone that sends you screen shots and proof before you pay.

I had the same problem and bought Net Nanny Chat Monitor (for about £10) - you install it on the computer and it records both sides of a conversation and then logs and emails them to you. You can install this in Stealth Mode which means it leaves no icons or indications that the program is installed.

It may seem extreme...but when you have to know - you have to know.

I got mine off Amazon. Hope this helps.

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