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I can not find out who wrote this. It is a very popular sentiment on the internet. It reads as follows; Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy 2 buy, But sweet people are difficult ...

Hi Jenni,
Those wonderfool (and true) words are related to several people.   I am not sure who was the one that wrote them first.    What is much more important is to realize that it is not enough to enjoy those words of wisdom but 2B able to apply it and use it as your personal compass (to navigate your route of life).....  Only few can do it, and I hope you are one of them !.
Best personal regards,  

Love is the battery of life....
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Mr.OronD  Sir,

 Thank you for your help. Might I ask whom were those several people that might of authored those good words. I am forever searching for things such as that. Most of which are quotes I find along the way in reading, and most don't include the authors of such. Please may I ask also what search engine you might of used to find those authors.

 I have a search out also for a brief quote that i recall from the Book Of Kells. I have a research libarian looking for them I think with the University of Rochester. If I am correct. It would help me enensely since I do not know how to do an adecuate search. Lacking those skills or web sites hinders me in my progress. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks ever so much.

Shalom Love &peace  jenni


Hi Jenni,
I am reading many books (you won't believe how many !) most of them I summarize (so I can recall what I read within minutes).  I am sure I read these lines in several books and each time it was related to a different person.  I'll try to find out the references for you (it might take some time cause I am very very bussy now.  
Enjoy your weekend.

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