Is Television Dying ? Are you spending more time with Online Shows, Videos , Movies?

Which services are you using to watch TV, Videos, Shows and Movies online ? I've been recommended Netflix and Hulu which are legally. How much time do you give for regular TV if Networks don't shift to Online formats ?

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Less and less every day since I discovered the Internet.  Television has joined in on the "reality" type of shows and made History into alligator hunting and Bravo into gossip.  National Geo has a few educational shows and History might air one in 6 months, but when I watch tv, I watch PBS; C-Span;Cartoons;a little Disney.  That's it for me.  My husband watches ESPN mostly and some Fox news.  We both prefer to read a book or articles online. We go out to movies and plays and concerts.  TV has also jumped on this "competitive" wagon.  Every network we used to watch, like the Food Network and Home and Garden have gone the competition route.  To today's watcher, everything has to be a game of sorts. And not just a game, a loud and obnoxious one.  There are very few quiet programs with intelligent conversations.  And even the children's networks continue having their characters use potty humor in order to get laughs.  It is either a fart joke or a character puking his or her guts out.  No thanks Tv...we can do without you.  

What about watching online movies, shows, documentary ? Do you reproduce video files in your Pc, Mac or Tablet ? How often do you do so ?

No, we've never watched a movie online.  We go downtown to a beautiful theatre for excellent movies.  (no blown up cars or gigantic robotic villains etc.) 

      If we feel an urge to see those movies, we have a couple of Mall type theatres we can go to, however we never do.

      The movies we like are as different from those as Literary Fiction is to Pulp Fiction...the genre...not the movie of the same name. LOL.....terrible that we have to explain ourselves online, but with out a tone of voice or facial expression, we are often misunderstood. 

       We have a couple of venues (year 'round) for Live Theatre and Concerts.  We are fortunate to live in an area where we are just a few minutes from a world renowned International Music and Drama Camp. 

     TV has lost us, and unless it comes up with some decent and entertaining shows, we will be watching it less and less.

When it comes to online and streaming films, series and shows do you find those services useful ? 

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