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Where to go to put a telescope together

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Asked: Telescope question

what can you see through a barska 40070,88x compact refractor telescope. my son and i are trying to get a telescope and found this one at a good price but dont know if we can see anything other than ...

Asked: How to assemble a simmons telescope.

I need to know how to assemble my newly purchased Simmons, 400 power/60 mm Astromnomical Refractor Telescope. There was not a set of instructions in the box and I bought off of a gal on Craigslist. I ...

Asked: Want to use a telescope far away scenery

Can a 800mm x 80 Galileo telescope be used during the day for looking at land scenery?

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What is the best way to watch a meteor shower? Is using a telescope

I must add a simple trick for any sort of astronomy watching . do not look directly at the object if it is dark (usually out in the open) your eyes sees objects better at night if you do not look at them directly , just shift your gaze a little and you will enjoy it better.


No everything is just fine ...you are looking at the constellation know as 'bluer'...it is about 15 light years away from our solar system .... .... ...just messin with ya....'turht' is, you have a lot more fine tuning to do...just point it at any object a few blocks away...and adjust the eye ...

Weight to counterbalance the telscope tube on the northstar 100

thank you for the answers.;..however how to mount the batteries on the tube is another problem ???

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There are many such multiple-instrument arrays. Observatories worldwide cooperate to make the whole planet a large single instrument.