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Where to go to put a telescope together

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Asked: Telescope question

what can you see through a barska 40070,88x compact refractor telescope. my son and i are trying to get a telescope and found this one at a good price but dont know if we can see anything other than ...

Asked: How to assemble a simmons telescope.

I need to know how to assemble my newly purchased Simmons, 400 power/60 mm Astromnomical Refractor Telescope. There was not a set of instructions in the box and I bought off of a gal on Craigslist. I ...

Asked: Want to use a telescope far away scenery

Can a 800mm x 80 Galileo telescope be used during the day for looking at land scenery?

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thank you for the answers.;..however how to mount the batteries on the tube is another problem ???

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When and if this happens, you won't need to ask the question. At this point it is not evident.

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Please let me know which AOL product you are using i.e. AOL webmail (http://webmail.aol.com) or AOL Software. Please send me the snapshot at websuitehelp@aol.com if you are still facing this issue. Steps to take snapshot: 1.Go to the page in which you have the issue ...