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Who can elaborate the meaning of gloves?

Are you an idiot, or what? Gloves are things you wear on your hands to protect them and/or keep them warm. Wanna know the meaning of socks now?

What is Flanges?

Flanges are designed to provide additional strength or rigidity to a structure or to provide a connection between objects. For more info please visit our website: http://www.thegreenbook.com/products/flanges/

What is the common use of an expansion joint?

An expansion joint is an assembly designed to allow a certain degree of movement of the structures. It is used to absorb heat-induced expansion or contraction of building materials, absorb vibration, hold parts together, or to allow movement during earthquakes in some cases. For more info ...

What are the other engineering tools can be used to create things as

DOES ROCMIKE CLAIM HE'S DEAD BECAUSE HE'S EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT THAT HE'S BEEN COMMITTED TO A STATE RUN MENTAL HOSPITAL? IS HIS NONSTOP POSTING SOME FORM OF TREATMENT?--------------------It has hard to tell when his posting day begins and ends. I have seen posts from his Snicker anonymous and ...