Should the teachers follow the policy?

Ok, so as to the question of should public school students wear uniforms..Do you feel the Teachers should also ? and why or why not ?

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I think so.. at one point they talked of it.. NYC..




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I don't find it necessary. I do however think it's necessary for there to be a certain level of decorum. A few years ago I saw a public highschool algebra teacher wearing a mid thigh skin tight skirt and a very low cut blouse, which showed a very serious amount of her flesh. She was also a very curvy pretty woman. The teenage boys were all a twitter over peeking at her parts. Kind of hard to focus on learning when breasts are visible. I don't think that's appropraite to be wearing around young boys. The private school that I went to most of the teachers wore suits. I don't think it needs to go that far. I suppose dress the same way you would to go to church or visit your grandmother and it's okay.


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