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How to teach teens the evil of abortion in our society?

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Take them on a trip to a Hospital Nursery to show them the meaning of life and difference in the destruction of a potential human being.

In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible. ~Cicero

Fortunately youngsters that age are idealistic and won't buy into such crap as believing abortion is evil, or that evil even exists at all.  It's far more effective to teach people personal responsibility than to teach them superstitious nonsense when you wish them to behave a specific way.

Ask if they would like to be murdered in cold blood just like they do their unborn children.  Atheists and leftists have always been genocidal.  They can't improve, but they can make up the most insulting excuses possible if only to prove that leftists are still the grimy little morons that they proved they were earlier.

That is absolutely the best you can ever expect from any leftist under any conditions.  They prove it every single day by screaming hate at us all.

The one thing that is more disgusting still would be to entrust the care of a child to a known murderer.  Let the child be born as nature dictates, have CPS intervene under existing law, take the child by court order, and place the child for adoption to a worthy family.

So much for the doubletalk of neo-Hitlerian leftists: the whole issue is permanently resolved, thank you for proving that leftists are unworthy of the air they breathe.

Never sweat the petty stuff.

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