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Looking to teach adult computer education any high schools in the Glen Ellyn area looking for a certified teacher

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Using the packing instructions, (no box) could I pack it securely in the middle of my carry on luggage for a 4 hr flight? Only the tower and cords, no monitor.

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In California, students can attend any of the high schools for their school district, if there is room. There are magnet schools for music, for example, that have students from the whole district. Transportation may be left to the student (or their parents). In a small district, there might be ...

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Rather than coaching students during their tests, it's better to having a solid teaching technique. Have a wholesome lesson plan that includes not just theory, but also worksheets, group discussions, role plays, the introduction of subject specific games (for e.g http://www.mathblaster.com/ for a ...

A portfolio is a collection of a student's work gathered over time

Don't worry about leftists actually learning: they only go to college on mommie and daddy's money to get out of work for six years to get a four year degree. Even so they don't earn that four year degree in that six years: the college merely gets fed up with their idiotic antics and graduates them ...