Any Teabagger's here?

I'm ready for my teabagging.

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The teabagger party has been flushed

Here's more: Tea Baggers are finally being exposed as the toxic, racists and obstructionists they truly are. Americans are finally giving these cretins the scrutiny they deserve -- and the results aren't pretty.

Just got here , are the teabaggers still marinating in stupidity ?

The last time I supported any Democrat was the 1976 election. Jimmy Carter was the Democrat's choice and it was the first time I had ever voted. I hang my head in shame that I was so naive and stupuid as to allow those fools to control me but I have become a whole lot smarter since then. Voting ...

Teabaggers ready to do the Ann Romney , fake it for Myth .

Bitter leftists have run out of lies. They just can't make up more. They want us -- them -- to despise. Leftists are always such a bore.

Community organizer 2 , teabagger party 0 Obama continues to run circles

The absolute ass kicking the Republican Senate candidates took was sweet, too. How many people are going to hand millions of dollars to snake oil salesman Karl Rove now?