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Tea upsets stomach now.

Why does hot tea tea upset my stomach? It didn't use to.(Green tea does not).

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This also happens to me. I love cold iced tea but when I drink it, I become nauseated. The answer is the acidity in the tea. It upsets our stomach. The way to fix this is pretty simple actually, you can either take a couple tums or some other type stomach medication for acid. The other fix is to eat something before you have the tea. I find that eating something bland seems to work best.

Sorry we have this problem! Seems pretty rare though, so I guess we are lucky!

Hope it helps you out.


I have the same problem. 

Some tea, especially certain strong black teas, can be very acidic.  It varies widely by the type of tea, however.  Some suggestions:

Try oolong tea.  Oolong tea is a type of Chinese tea that is in some respects intermediate between green and black teas.  I've heard from many people, and found personally, that oolong tea gentler on the stomach than either black or green teas.  Some oolongs are darker and will give you more of a black-tea-like flavor and a more full-bodied cup.  The site I link to has a lot of information about different types of oolong, and where you can get it.  It's pretty diverse.

Make sure you're getting enough water.  Water will dilute your stomach acid, but more importantly, if you're dehydrated, it can send your body out of balance in many ways.

Also, try to eat more slowly, and make sure to chew your food thoroughly.  This releases more saliva, which helps regulate the pH in your stomach.

If you still want to drink black tea, try brewing it more weakly.  Or...try a milder black tea, such as Darjeeling.

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