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Taylor Momsen Blames Parents For Rebellion

Taylor Momsen blames her parents for her "dark and miserable" attitude because they "took away her childhood" when they put her in modeling at the age of 2.   Yet, she hasn't left her acting gig on Gossip Girl. Do you think she has a right to blame her parents?

Taylor Momsen Blames Parents For Rebellion ELIOT PRESS/bauergriffinonline.com

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Like you said if she hates the entertainment business then why is she still on gossip girl and being the model for madonnas fashion line. i dont think she can blame her parents because she can now make her own decisions and that whole rebellion thing is just for publicity. horrible role model for little girls


If it bothers her so much it seems she would enroll in university and select a career of her choosing.  So much for blaming the parents.

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Election and Jada are both right. It appears if she was so miserable doing what she's doing, she would just stop but it doesn't look like she has. So I don't know that she can continue to blame her parents now. I do wonder why her parents got her involved in the modeling and acting at such a young age if she didn't at least show some interest.

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Blame it on mommy and daddy.She's only 17 years old going on twelve. Her best thing ever was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.She can always go to the Linsey Lohan school of self destruction.

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I just read on PopEater that's she been suspended indefinitely from Gossip Girl because of her "offscreen antics". In this case, she's only got herself to blame. I just hope she's smart enough to realize that if she wants to continue in the business, she needs to stop blaming others for her situation and accept responsibility.

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You can only blame your parents for so much before it becomes just another excuse. In this girl's case, I think she needs to take responsibility for her actions. She may have started in acting because of her parents' decision making but she is old enough now to say 'no more' if she's truly not happy doing it.

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