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Can state tax (NY)take my federal fefund (fl) from another state

can state tax (NY)take my federal fefund (fl) from another state

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You can't have a federal refund from a state. They are two totally separate governments.  One controls the counties within its territory, the other controls the states within it's borders.

Any state can lay a claim to your federal refund if they can show cause.  They cannot take your state refund from another state.

If you owe back taxes; unpaid student loans; child support arrears this is cause to lose your refund or a portion of it to cover what is owed.  I'm sure there must be other causes, too.   I'm just not aware of them since I've never been in a position to lose mine.


I should have worded it better. Can ny state taxes i owe from 2005 take my florida federal return

There is no such thing as Florida federal tax. Federal tax is United States tax.  Florida tax is State tax.  Again, they are two separate taxes from two separate agencys.

Yes NY can attach your federal United States tax if they can show cause.  In your case the 2005  NYS tax owed is cause.  They can take all of it if they see fit to do so.  Or, they can take just a part of it to satisfy any outstanding debt.  Your back taxes is an outstanding debt owed to NYS.

NO refund for you!Cry

Ok i understand. Thank you. I didnt know.

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