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I signed a music contract with tate music group 3/2008. So far they have done verry little to sell my music, it looks like I have made a bad mistake. Does any one know if Tate music group is a scam? I ...

Of course not.  The scam is the foolishness that is so common on the internet.  If you want to act like a grown up then call me.  I am happy to discuss our fine company and offer any answers you like.  Dr. Richard Tate, 1-888-361-9473

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Dear Dr. Tate, I have talked with youe people to I am blue in the face. Still the same old baloney. I have even come there 3 times, same old baloney. You know what, why don't you call me sir. That number would be 909-856-9164. Or better yet, why don't you just mail me back a legit check with all my money, the over $1900.00, and let's call each other Christian friends and part ways. www.CowboyBobWallace.com

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